Taking Move towards the Movement

Many a time some incidents draw our attention towards the issues which are not properly addressed and when concrete measures are taken to tackle these issues, meaningful bits take place which eventually assume form of a bigger movement. Saaransh Foundation came into being in order to give voice and force to one such movement i.e. transforming lives of differently-abled children. The Foundation is an integral part of Bholaram Education Society which has brought fresh perspectives and added dimensions to the arena of education and is imparting quality and contemporary education to the Young Turks since the year 2004 through its educational initiative, Delhi Public School, Gandhinagar.

The pillars of Bholaram Education Society came across many requests to admit the wards with special needs and the requests reflected desperation and were filled with flickering hopes. In the beginning, it appeared a huge task as the team wanted to be certain of each step undertaken so that the tangible benefits reach these gifted ones and eventually Saaransh Foundation took birth and so the movement of serving the most innocent ones who are often neglected.

The move in no way is directed towards the fact that the team members have any sympathy with the children with special needs but it is real empathy and each stalwart here is determined to bring changes to the lives of these children by nurturing them to become self-reliant and helping them join the mainstream with dignity and elegance.

Pleasantly, the brigade of dedicated team members at the Foundation view the differently-abled children as DEW which is most pure and innocent and the term here stands for







Saaransh Foundation has adopted the Philosophy of LIGHT in order to bring sea changes in the life of these most adorable children and follow it by all intents and purposes.


Love will be showered on these innocent children from all the directions.


Individual Attention Each child will be handled in a highly engaging and appealing manner.


Gifted The children with special needs are gifted and the attributes need to be brought to surface.


Happiness The Not even an opportunity will be squandered that may bring more happiness in life and smiles on these lovely faces.


Transformation Nurture them so that they get completely transformed with passage of time and become largely independent