Saaransh is a voyage meant to reach its sole destination i.e. to extend best possible learning, experience and exposure that can bring real change in the lives of gifted children and their families. Each child has challenges, rubs and difficulties on the roadway towards learning and seeking but the problems become graver in case of children with special needs. But that does not at all imply that they shall be left out to become laggards instead they should be provided a conducive environment filled with utmost care and matchless affection intertwined well in a way that the progress and improvement can be mapped on a constant basis. It can all be handled, tackled and carried forward in an ideal manner only by fully involved and absolutely devoted teachers who act as guiding forces at the school and encourage assuming the similar role at home. This very thought process and approach form the basis of Saaransh Foundation.

Each member at Saaransh Foundation that includes veterans and enthusiastic souls are focused towards providing the best to differently-abled children amidst individual attention and special care. The Foundation will be working closely and actively with the families keeping the children in epicenter and has the penultimate goal of enabling the latter to realize their veritable potential and unimaginable abilities and what will occur is Sea Change for Betterment.

Mr. Apoorva Goenka- Founder and Thinker