Differently-abled children may perform in such a way which can certainly be awe-inspiring but what they require is proper and special guidance and a conducive, learning environment. We extend the best possible support in educating each child as per the needs and provide individual attention so that learning curve attained is highest.

 Therapy (Occupational, Physio, Speech and Language, Applied Behaviour)

Occupational therapists as well as those involved with Speech, Language, Behavioural and Physiotherapists play an instrumental role in the panoramic development of the specially-abled children. They assist to identify and nurture skills meant for self-reliance in differently abled people.


Our school counselors play a pivotal character in the development of children with special needs. As they work closely with the students, they also actively involve their parents to create framework meant for social and emotional development of the children. Moreover, they share the well-proven and most feasible tips with the parents to cope with different, unusual and difficult situations.

 Home management

We endeavour to inculcate the sense of self-sufficiency in differently abled children. We teach them “Home Economics” through a unique methodology.

 Resource Support

The medium of instruction and the medium of communication usually vary from one child to another depending upon their abilities. We equip our children and their families with those special resources and guide them regarding their effective and optimum usage.

 Recreational activities

We intend to make the children feel that they are enjoying each and every moment and learn through range of fun-packed and engaging activities.

 Co-scholastic activities

We offer a number of co-scholastic activities and make children participate in them depending upon their areas of interest and level of intelligence.